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  • A Video Message from John Gilhooly

    A video message from Director John Gilhooly about the road ahead for Wigmore Hall


  • Concert video library

    Explore the free archive of concerts streamed live from Wigmore Hall


  • Wigmore Hall's Audience Fund

    Help us fully fund our programme of over 1,000 concerts and events every year


  • Closure and Cancellations

    Information about cancelled concerts until 31 July 2020


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A video message from John Gilhooly

26 June 2020: A short video message from our Director about the road ahead for Wigmore Hall

Wigmore Hall Radio 3 Special Broadcasts

Live lunchtime concerts video streamed every weekday from 1 to 26 June, in collaboration with BBC Radio 3


Become a Friend of Wigmore Hall or buy a gift membership


There are many ways in which you can become more involved with Wigmore Hall. Every gift, no matter the size, is important to us.

Video Library

Explore our free archive of concerts including the June 2020 series.

Priority Booking open for September-December 2020

Access and submit your Priority Booking Request online for Autumn 2020 Wigmore Series concerts.

Closure and Cancellations

Information about cancelled concerts until 31 July 2020.

Autumn 2020 Wigmore Series

Experience exceptional classical music. Priority booking is now open for September – December 2020.

Latest release on Wigmore Hall Live

ATOS Trio presents Beethoven Piano Trios Volume 1 & 2. Available as CD, FLAC and MP3.

Live Stream

Takes you straight to the live stream page.
If we are streaming, you can watch here.